The Need for Free Christian Spiritual Guidance

free christian spiritual guidance
Have you ever reached a point in your spiritual walk that you kind of feel like you've hit a brick wall? Whereas you used to feel that you were growing on a daily basis, you sort of feel like you're not making any further progress towards spiritual maturity? If you're anything like me, more likely than not, you have or may at some point in your relationship with God.

I'll give you an example from my life to show you exactly what I'm talking about, just so it's a little clearer in your mind. For the past four months I've been spending time in the Word, praying, searching for areas I can change, and just desiring to be used by God. Well, up to this point, I've had pretty visible progress, I've dropped most if not all of the things which were sinful in my life, I haven't found any areas in my life which I can hand over to God, I also don't feel like I've heard from Him in a while, and it just really feels like I've hit a brick wall. What do you do in that situation, where do you turn? We know that God is there and listening to us, but why does it feel like He's not?

Seeing as how this is my first experience in my walk with God, I don't have a definite answer for you, but I can tell you the steps I've taken to counteract this and where I've sought help. One of the most important tools we have at our disposal as Christians is prayer, is it not? Well, when we come hit a point in our lives where we feel we're just making no progress on our own, what other thing would you do except turn to God in prayer? "Father, as you already know, I've hit this area in my walk with you and just feel like I'm no longer growing spiritually; I'm not sure why this is, but I need your help Lord. Although I continue to read your Word, devote my life to serving you, searching for areas of my life to hand over to you seeking healing and change, it feels like I've come to a halt. God please just come into these thoughts and feelings, fill me with your presence, love, and Holy Spirit; bare this burden for me and heal me of the stress it's bringing to my relationship with you. God I know you'll do this for me and continue growing ever closer to me on a daily basis and I thank you for that. I just continue to put my love and faith in your Lord, you alone deserve on honor and praise. I ask and know these things will be done in Jesus name, amen."

Now, I've already come to terms with the fact that God knows everything, He already knows that I'm facing these things; so why pretend that I'm not and try to hide them or push them aside? Why not just offer this burden up to God so that He will relieve me of the stress which in involved with it? Many of you may not have come to this place in your walk yet, but I urge you to begin thinking this way. Our God is here for us and longs to help us, He wants to, never keep God from doing what He wants.

The other step which I spoke of is seeking help from those who are much more knowledgeable and mature in their spiritual walk than myself. In my situation I have turned to the care pastor of my church, whom I hope to hear back from very soon. I've already informed him of what I'm facing, that I'm continuing to put my faith and trust in God, and I just want to know what he would do in the situation. It will take some humility on your part to open up to someone else and let them know that you're facing a problem, but it's just something you must overcome. We're not alone in this world, we're surrounded by our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, why not turn to them in our time of need? God would not have us to face these obstacles alone, He would have us help one another and build one another up; plain and simple.

To perhaps help you out and show you what I mean by opening up and showing humility, I'll give you a brief excerpt from my email of what I said to him:

As of right now, I'm at the point where I read the Bible every morning, at least a chapter and sometimes two, before I head to the gym each day. On my way there, I pray, and usually continue doing so while sitting in the parking lot. I pray over my dreams, my desires, my life, for areas of my life to be shown to me which need changing, for my abilities and skills to grow for God's use, to be used as His tool and not for my own personal gain, and just so many things. I've seen you around the church several times, you're always really upbeat, loving towards everyone, you openly praise God with no shame, and I'm just kind of struggling with that area. I've always been somewhat of a loner, don't really speak out much, and feel a bit of embarrassment when speaking to more than a couple of people; most of the time. I'd kind of like to know how it is you became this way, I heard that you were somewhat of a trouble maker, but now you're a strong care pastor.. did you have to overcome any of these obstacles?

As you can see, I was very open and honest with everything that's going on, what I've been doing, how I'm feeling, and just my need for his free christian spiritual guidance. Notice that I said free, don't waste your money going to people who would charge you for this service, a true Christian wouldn't seek to gain profit by helping others with their life; they would do it just because they care about your relationship with God. What you should take away from this message today is that we all face problems, but we're not alone in our struggles. We have many avenues in which we can seek help, whether it's just bringing our problems openly before God or bringing them to others; we are never alone.

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God Bless!


  1. Anonymous1/29/2013

    good post, thats something i needed to hear

  2. Anonymous1/16/2014

    I have been also struggling for my faith more than a week now, but i never stop praying and asking God to guide me, temptation is there, fear makes me weak. How can i survived?

  3. Temptation will always be a part of your life, because although our old selves die with Christ and we are reborn with Him in salvation, we are still attached to our flesh. Though we now have the Spirit of God within us, we still reside in a worldly body and will never be able to get away from the things which seek to drag us down. What you have to realize it it will not be by your power that you get through temptation, but through the power of God and the Holy Spirit transforming your life day by day. Yes, it does require some willpower to say no, but seeking The Lord with an honest heart will get you closer to the image of Christ each and every day.


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