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in home health care
Looking back over the course of the last year, I can't remember being sick or having poor health for more than a day. Take a moment, pause and think to yourself, when was the last time that you got sick? Was it serious or just something minor? Did you have to miss a day of work because of it or could you manage the symptoms while at your job? Did you have to visit a doctor or could you just throw back some Tylenol and ride it out?

The reason I ask is that today my wife isn't feeling well, she's facing a severe headache and possibly a low grade fever, yet she has decided to stick out her day at work; what a trooper. But I remember a time, not too terribly long ago, when she was laid up on the couch and didn't want to do anything except rest and watch television; ahh, haven't we all experienced that at some point and time? When you're facing these kinds of symptoms, such as a fever and body aches, what's one of the things that you desire above all other things? More likely than not, to stay where you're laying and be catered to, somewhat like receiving free in home health care right?

As I sit here reminiscing, I can still picture exactly how the scene was laid out, and what exactly was going on in the situation. I can see my wife lying under a blanket, box of tissues on the coffee table in front of her, and just acting all "sick pathetic"; you know what I'm talking about, when you act like it's the end of the world and you can't do anything, yeah that kind of pathetic. Anyway, she started asking me to do all kinds of things for her, which I did, if somewhat kind of begrudgingly; but I did them nonetheless because I love her. Eventually, I ended up having to go to the store, completely out of my way, to get her some drugs. While I was in the car, I just couldn't help but feel a bit annoyed with the whole situation, but once I stepped foot in the store, things kind of took on a different viewpoint.

Once I got past that initial annoyance of having to leave home, I began to think about my wife laying there at home, feeling all sad and down; which caused my perspective to change, if I were in her shoes, I would definitely want to be catered to. So, along with picking up some medication for her, I decided to grab a movie which she had been wanting to see, 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid'; yea I know I know, it's a kid movie, but what are ya gonna do right? Upon returning home with the drugs and the movie, she was happy to see I had done something nice for her. So once she got the meds in her system, I filled up her cup of drink and whatever else she needed, we sat down and enjoyed the movie together; which wasn't really that bad considering the age group it was for.

When we look back on memories such as these, and being honest with ourselves, did we handle them the best we could have? Was there something else which we could have done that would have made our loved one more comfortable or shown them we care more? Could we have acted with a little more kindness instead of acting like they're just a chore or a burden on us?

After thinking about these questions, I can't help but stop and wonder this as well, what would Jesus have done in this situation? Well, of course if the sick had had faith in the power of God, he would have healed them and that would have been that right? Lol, but what if Jesus didn't simply decide to work through the power of healing? Not that I'm belittling his power or choices, just think about it, what would he have done in the situation. I believe with 100% certainty that he would go out of his way to do any and everything that was asked of him. Jesus would fix any kind of food, refill any kind of beverage, run to any kind of store regardless of how far away it was, pick up any kind of medicine or item, and ultimately just be the most caring person in the world when helping the sick.

When I think about that, I also can't help but realize just how far I fall short of being a strong Christian, someone who is loving and caring in everything I do. I know it's not just me though, everyone falls short of the glory of God, but isn't it our responsibility to grow in the image of Christ? Are we not called to become as much like him as we possibly can while on this earth? I would like for each of us to remember this next time we're taking care of someone, if Jesus were here, he'd be making me look like a pretty insensitive person right now; I should work a little harder and put a little more emotion into what I'm doing. Not only will you show someone how much you care about them, you'll show God how much you care for Him as well; for when we do good deeds for others we are also glorifying our Father.

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God Bless!


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