Why I'm Not A Christian

I don’t think there’s anybody who hasn’t dealt with that question. 

I’m sure it has come up and maybe you haven’t quite known how to answer it.

It is one of the hardest questions ever… 

Have you ever met someone from another religion and after being around them for a while you felt like they were nicer, a better dad, more conscientious than you? 

Maybe they weren’t even religious at all and they are one of the nicest people you’ve ever met; you’re like, “So, the Bible teaches these people aren’t going to heaven because they haven’t accepted Jesus?” 

Doesn’t really seem fair for God to choose this one, arbitrary characteristic and pass over people who are every bit as morally good. 

In addition to that, if you ask people today what the biggest cause of division and violence is in our world, your most likely answer would be radical religion; especially a religion that claims to be the only way to God. 

Believing that your way is the only way is what causes people to fly planes into buildings, …

My Conversion Story

My Life Before Christ: For as long as I can remember, I was always involved with church, in fact, my earliest childhood memories are of singing in service, playing with friends, and Sunday School. I used to really enjoy the experience, but as we're all very aware of, things change, I grew up and my views changed with me, as well as my interests. I got into high school and started hanging out with the wrong crowd, drinking a lot, having sex, smoking weed, and just "living the life." Nearly a year and a half out of high school I was married, and every weekend, for years, consisted of hanging out with another married couple and their friends, getting wasted, and just having fun. Over time this all really began to weigh on me, I began to fall into depression and wonder if this was all really fulfilling to me, and if this is how I wanted to live the rest of my life. 
How I Received Christ: Well, late 2011 we all took a trip to Miami Florida for a New Year's celebration, …

Star Wars vs. Christianity

Well, it's National Star Wars Day, you know, "May the Fourth be with you" as they say; however, I say, "May the Father be with you." For what is Star Wars if not a pale imitation of Christianity? You have the light side with their Jedi, the Christians, ambassadors of peace, bearers of justice, and wisdom in all areas of life, drawing their power from the force, big 'G' God of all things. Then you have the darkside with their Sith or sinners who are unsaved, thirsting for power, hungering for wealth, wishing to destroy the Jedi, drawing their power from the force as well, the little 'g' god of this world, Satan. While the Sith want nothing more than to kill and destroy the Jedi order, Jedi simply want to save the Sith and convert them to good, meaning, that the Christians want to convert the non-believers to Christianity. How do Star Wars fans not see the connection here? For those die hard fans who are unsaved, but have praised the series their …

Breaking Point

My dearest Father, I feel something stirring within me that I haven't felt in a very long time, drive, motivation, and a goal. I can only imagine it being the Spirit, Your Spirit, moving inside of me, urging me to take action. I feel like I know what I have to do, I have a voice, I have a pen, I have a purpose swelling within. This is our world, You are our God, these people, Your people, don't have any idea what they're buying into. These demons, these powers, Satan and his forces of evil are moving swiftly, and I need to finally take my stand. No more hiding in the dark, no more fearing persecution, no more tip toeing around peoples feelings of pressure, for if I don't begin now, then I never will. The end is coming, the Lord is drawing near, I have to act, I cannot remain silent. Perhaps this is my calling, maybe this is my purpose, what I've been saved and protected for, and why I was chosen as a child of God. I know I'm not the hero of this story in life, …

Of God and Love

Over the past few days I've been doing a lot of reading and a lot of learning. When I say reading, I don't only mean the Bible, and when I say learning, I'm not only speaking about the things that I find in text. No, over the past week I guess we'll say, I've been learning a lot about God in general, who He is, what He really wants from us, and many things regarding me personally; which I will gladly share with you all to hopefully shine some light into your lives as well.

A week and a half ago, I walked into the office of the care pastor at my church and told him that my relationship with God was not where I wanted it to be, "I desire to be able to hear from God the way He hears from me." Now, before I go any further, many of you may or may not believe in this kind of thing, but I can promise you this, it is real and available to every person who genuinely seeks it. He suggested a book to me called, 'Drawing Near' by John Bevere, and from about t…

Unanswered Prayers

"So you're just going to walk out on me?!" I asked. "That's not what I'm doing, I told you that when I have enough money, I'm moving out, and I would like for you to come with me." responded my wife. "That's not the way you made things seem like last night, you said that you would be leaving because you just couldn't take it here anymore." "Well, I can't take it here anymore, I need my own place, but I never meant that I would just leave without having a plan; you're the one that said you wouldn't be coming with me if I left!" "That was before you made it clear that you weren't just gonna walk out the door without a plan, of course I'd like to get back out on our own, but that's only if the money is there to support it."

This is the argument I had with my wife the other night, all revolving around the fact that my wife is no longer satisfied with simply living with my parents while I'…

Writing to a Prisoner


What's up? How're things on the inside? Everything out here is the same as always, nothing ever really changes. You're right though, taking Mom and Dad out for lunch was good, we had a great time; even paid for the bill. We also bought them each a $25 iTunes card for their birthday presents, we ended up spending quite a bit overall, but it was all worth it.

I've been serving up at Lifepoint quite a bit lately, Monday through Thursday, from about 10am to 5pm or so. They don't really have any opening at the moment, but it feels good to get out of the house and go help out. It feels good to be a part of something that matters, like what I'm doing is important. They've had me doing all kinds of stuff, life: taking out all the trash, configuring/wiping computers, stocking, inventory, cleaning up around the building, running errands, and a lot more.

I talked to the care pastor there, about communicating with God, he hooked me up with a link to some really …