God is Life!

Up to this point we've talked about God being light and love, well today we'll talk about God being life. Looking back on the titles of those last articles and the one you'll be reading today, I could have turned this into a four part series called "God Is", but there's no sense fretting over the past when there's such an amazing future ahead of us right?

If you've been paying attention and following along like I hope you've been, you'll know that we'll be continuing in, and actually wrapping up, the book of 1 John. So feel free to break out your Bible and follow along, even though I'm sure you've come to realize I don't often state exactly where I'm at in the scripture or what verse I'm covering. This is done for two reasons, one being that you shouldn't just believe everything you read, you should check to make sure it's actually in line with the Word of God; and two being that I'm lazy and it's annoying to cite every verse I'm covering.

Now that you know the truth, please flip open to chapter 5, if you're following along that is. So strap on your learning caps and let's begin, class is now in session kiddies! Sorry, I couldn't resist.. Ahem!

Faith in the Son of God

Everyone who believes that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, meaning those who have become a Christian, is a child of God, and all who love the  Father also love his children. We know that we love him and his children if we obey his commandments, because loving him means keeping them. In all honesty, keeping the commandments isn't hard at all. When we decide to follow Christ, he gives us victory over sin, but defeating sin still requires action, not just belief. I've written an article called God is Love! Part 1 which goes into much greater detail about this and being a child of God, feel free to read it at any time.

Jesus was revealed as the Son of God by his baptism and sacrifice on the cross, in water and in blood. Is it not true that often times we believe some of the crazy things that people tell us at times? Then should we not also believe what God has said? God actually proclaimed Jesus to be his Son twice in the scripture, at his baptism in Matthew 3:16-17, and at his transfiguration to Peter in Matthew 17:5.

Basically, if you don't believe in Christ you're calling God a liar, and I wouldn't want to be in your shoes. God has told us this: he has given us the gift of eternal life, which is in Jesus, whoever has him, has life; whoever doesn't have Jesus, does not have life. If you don't understand what God is saying, here's the gist of it. If you've never accepted Jesus Christ as your savior, you're still guilty of your sins and condemned to eternity in hell; but if you've been forgiven, then you're promised eternity in heaven.

John writes all this to us so that we can be confident we have eternal life. Well how can I know that just because John writes all that down that I actually have this gift? Just forget about John for a moment, do you believe in God, truly believe? Do you believe that he is perfect, I mean, would you really offer your soul to anyone who's not? God has promised us eternal life and he cannot break his promises, that would make him imperfect; so trust in the fact that you have been saved and have eternal life.

As I've said many times up to this point, we are the children of God, and as such, we should no longer desire or practice sin. Know that for the time being, Satan is the "god" of this world and has all power and control over it; but we have been shown by Christ who the true God is. We are in him because we're in the Son, he is the only God, and he is life!

Heed this warning and take it seriously, stay away from anything which could take God's place in your heart. There are many things in this world which the Devil would use to turn us from our faith, three huge examples being sex, alcohol, and money. All of these things will pass away, but our relationship with God will remain forever. Satan's one goal is to take as many people to hell with him as possible, he uses things such as these to turn us form our goal of a relationship in Christ and reaching out to others.. Don't let him turn you away!

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Thanks and God Bless!


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