Who is Jesus Christ?

who is jesus christ
Who is Jesus Christ? The way this question is often asked is done so in the correct way, instead the opposite wording of who was Jesus Christ? But I'm getting a little ahead of myself, the fact that you're here seeking an answer to this question shows that you're on the correct path to a better life; but again, I'm getting a bit ahead of myself and need to slow down a bit. To answer this question in short, Jesus Christ, was the Son of God and also the Son of man. Well how can that be possible you might ask, how can someone be God's Son and man's Son?

God chose a woman, Mary, who was a virgin, to give birth to a baby boy who would be named Jesus Christ. Now, Jesus was not conceived through the normal method of conception, which needs a woman and a man; instead, the Holy Spirit placed Jesus in Mary's womb to be born through a miracle. In this way, he was given birth to by a human, making him the Son of man; but since he was placed in Mary's womb by the Holy Spirit and God's will, this also made him the Son of God. In all actuality, Jesus Christ is none other than God, who came down to earth in human form, living as flesh and blood.

I'm sure that many of you have already heard of the miracles, signs, and prophecies which Jesus performed and spoke of; but there is an even more important part of his life that must be mentioned first. Before Jesus began his ministry and doing these things, he was baptized by John the Baptist, and given the power of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is our gift from God, he is the one who grants spiritual gifts, the ability to have faith, heal the sick, preach, speak in tongues, and many others; it's very important that we recognize that even Jesus was baptized and received the Holy Spirit from God.

From this point forward, Jesus wandered the world, teaching about Lord, proclaiming himself the Son of God, healing the sick, the lame, mute, deaf, blind, raising the dead, and doing many other miraculous things. Everywhere he went he served others and humbled himself to them and their desires, if they had faith; it's important to know that healing and miraculous things come when we have faith in the power of Jesus and of God the Father. During his travels, Jesus angered many of the Jewish leaders of the cities and areas he passed through; he claimed to be the Son of God, the Messiah, and they did not believe his claims. These leaders began to hate Jesus, they tried to trick him into teaching wrong principles, trap him into doing something which could be punished, and plotting of ways to kill him.

Towards the latter days of his life, Jesus predicted that one of twelve followers who followed him, would betray him and have him killed. This man's name was Judas, who betrayed Jesus' location to the Jews for thirty pieces of silver. Even though Jesus knew that this was going to happen, he did not run, instead he allowed himself to be arrested by the Roman guards and the Jewish leaders. When he was brought before the ruler of the land, Pilate, the ruler could find nothing to charge him with; Jesus was clean of sin, he was perfect, had never done a single thing wrong in his life, but was despised by world. Although the ruler could find no fault in the claims of the people, he released a different prisoner, a murderer, and allowed Jesus to take his place instead.

After being traded, Jesus was beaten, his beard ripped out, spit on, whipped, had a crown of thorns pressed deep down on his head, and forced to carry his cross to the site of his execution. A cross is made of two boards that cross each other, one straight up and down with the other crossing it parallel to the ground. After reaching the spot where he was to be crucified, he was laid out on the cross, nails put through his wrists and feet, which caused him to be held in place on the cross. Once this was done, he was raised up and hung in place to dangle by his wrists and feet; this was the worst form of torture and execution created by the Romans. As he hung there, he was mocked by the guards which had hung him, asking, "If you're the Son of God, why doesn't He save you? Why don't you come down from the cross?" Although he had the power to save himself, Jesus did not do so.

Well, why not you may be asking yourself? Why would someone who had never committed a crime or done a thing wrong in his life allow this to happen? This has everything to do with us, we are evil people by nature, committing sin in our daily lives. In the Old Testament of the Bible, the only way to be forgiven of the sins we committed was to slay a pure animal and sacrifice it to God to atone for our mistakes. The reality of life is that without the forgiveness of these sins, we would never be allowed to enter Heaven and to live with God or know Him on a personal level. This is why God sent His Son to earth, to die for us, and Jesus knew that; for in all actuality, Jesus was and is, God in the flesh. Instead of having to continually sacrifice animals to the Lord and follow strict laws, God offered His own body and blood to atone for our sins; not just those of the past, but all who were alive, live today, and those who will come after us. The sacrifice of Jesus was done to save everyone from their sins!

Once Jesus died, he was buried in a tomb, where he was placed under heavy guard so that none would disturb his body; for Jesus had spoken that after three days he would return to life and live again, which terrified the Jewish leaders. Upon the third day, Jesus vanished from his tomb and later appeared to those who had followed him, showing that the power of God had risen him from the grave to new life. After a short time of speaking with his followers and appearing to small crowds in the area, Jesus ascended back to Heaven where he now lives with God at His right hand. Before leaving, Jesus left a message, that he would one day return for all those who believed in him as the Son of God; those who turned from their sins and followed him.

When I say that Jesus will return for us, I mean that he will save all those who have turned from their sin, accepted him as their savior, grant them eternal life, and steal them away to live with him in Heaven. At this time, you need to understand what is required of you to have this gift of eternal life and how you can have this happen to you. In his life here on earth, Jesus told his followers this, "those who believe in their hearts and confess with their mouths will be saved." Which means this, if you believe that you're a sinner, that Jesus Christ died for you, and that he is the price for all the sins you've ever committed and will commit, you will be saved. The way you do this is simple, all it takes is a few simple words, which you can pray to yourself right now. Say this, "Jesus, I realize that I'm a sinner, I also realize that you sacrificed your life to pay for these sins. Please come into my heart and my life, forgive me, and help me to live a sinless life. Thank you for your healing and your gift of eternal life. I pray that this would be done in your name Jesus, amen."

The Bible says that when you do this and mean it in your heart, that all of Heaven rejoices with you, all the angels and those who are already with God above are singing with joy. You can be 100% certain that your soul has been saved and that you will receive the gift of eternal life once Jesus returns or if you pass on before his arrival; God has promised us this and He cannot lie, he alone is perfect and worthy to be praised. Now that you know who Jesus is and hopefully given your life to him, it's now your calling to share this same Good News with others around the world and in your life. Don't keep this free gift to yourself, everyone is in need of saving and deserves a chance to accept Jesus as their Savior; share what you have learned with others!

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Thank you for reading and God Bless!


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