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God is Light!

Jesus Christ is the Word of life, he is eternal life, and he is God in human form. He has existed since the beginning, he was with God in Heaven, and came to earth to lead the way to God.

These are the things which were written by John, the disciple Jesus loved. As an eyewitness to the teachings and miracles performed by Jesus, he is more than qualified to tell us the truth of such things. For we were not there when Jesus was among the people, but John was, so we can and should believe all he has written to be accurate and trustworthy. Because he wants us to be in fellowship with God, and with Jesus, so that we may know true joy.

Today, which is absolutely amazing, we'll be spending time in 1 John chapter 1.

Living in the LightGod is light, there is no darkness in him, not at all. When you think about light, what else does it represent? What else can you equate it to? Good, purity, truth, and holiness right? What about darkness? Sin, evil, lies, corruption, and anything bad, correc…

Hope for the Growing Christian!

The Day of the Lord is ComingIn the last days, before Jesus returns, there will be those who laugh at the truth, reject it, and do whatever evil they so desire. Their arguments will go something like this: "If Jesus promised to come back for you and his people, where is he? It has been 2012 years since he supposedly died, nothing has changed and things have only gotten worse; God isn't real and Jesus isn't coming to save anyone."

For those of you who are newer to your faith, don't fall prey to such trivial thinking. Those who think in this way and follow their own beliefs will seek only to win you over to their way of life; which is in sin and slavery. Although these people may not be preaching against Christianity openly, they can still be looked at as a false teacher. See more about them in my last post Put Your Faith in God Not in False Teachers!

Today we'll be wrapping up the book of 2 Peter, studying from chapter 3, I think it may be the shortest book i…

Put Your Faith in God Not False Teachers!

Just as there are those who pour their hearts into serving God, there are those who also distort the truth and teach immorality. The disciples were warned about this by Jesus himself, that there would be many to come who would warp his words and teachings. Throughout our lives there will always be those who do not believe in Jesus or God; and because they don't believe they will talk down and distort our practices, as well as teach false beliefs.

In case you haven't already figured out what today's topic will be about, it's false teachers, which comes from 2 Peter chapter 2.

There will be many people who fall prey to these false teachings and beliefs because they haven't truly dedicated their lives to God. As I brought up in my last post, Growing in the Knowledge of God, those who truly seek to know God intimately and learning his ways will not be led astray or give in to sin. In a way, those who do not seek to dedicate their entire life to serving God are condemni…

Growing in the Knowledge of God

As all Christian believers are well aware, or should be, it's impossible for us to be perfect or to live a perfect life. The Bible tells us this in Romans 3:23, all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. First you have to understand one truth, God is perfect. We were born sinful by nature, it's not something that we had to learn from anyone, quite the opposite actually; everyone must learn to be good. In that fact, we have all fallen short and will never achieve perfection, but that does not mean we shouldn't strive to achieve it.

Today we'll be spending time in 2 Peter chapter 1, which talks about growing in the knowledge of God and seeking to live a godly life.

Peter tells us that as we come to know Jesus better, through him we will have all that we need to live a godly life, for he calls us to to receive his gifts of glory and goodness. The gifts that we receive are not directly from Jesus himself, but are received from God through our faith in Jesus. As …

The 4 Best Leadership Qualities and skills of a Humble Christian! (Updated)

What makes a good Christian leader?

What are the qualities of a great leader?

I think we can all agree that Jesus was and is the ultimate leader and the way that He showed Himself to be a leader was by humbling Himself to the place of a servant.

In 1 Peter chapter 5, Peter offers great advice and even the characteristics of good leaders in the church to both elders and young men; though these principles can be applied to both men and women alike.

In the first verse of chapter 5 Peter points out that he is a fellow elder and shares in the suffering of Christ with all of his brothers and sisters. I find it truly humbling that after all he had been a part of, participating in Christ's personal ministry as one of his closest disciples, that he still considered himself an equal and not a superior.

Just try putting yourself in Peter's shoes, imagine that you had been one of the first followers and true believers of Jesus Christ. Having it revealed to you that Jesus was indeed the …