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free christian music online
As I pulled out of the gym parking lot this morning, I couldn't find a single song on the Christian music stations that I liked; so I ended up flipping over to a non-Christian rock station. What was on sounded incredible, the guitarist was playing a very intricate and amazing solo, I was like, "Wow, God really blessed that guy with some skill"; yeah that's right, I talk to myself in my own mind. I started getting really into it, you know, head banging and just jamming out, right up until the chorus of the song came back on.

These are the lyrics, and I quote them, "I'm alive to be the demon, I'm alive to be the one, yeah yeah yeah yeah, Hell it lives in everyone." I know, wow, who comes up with lyrics like that right? You may be wondering if I changed the station after hearing that, no, I tolerate bad lyrics occasionally if the music sounds decent enough; God blessed these men with talent, but they were born into sin and haven't repented yet, I can't really persecute their gifts, just the way they use them.

After arriving back at home and eating my breakfast, I decided I would try to find some equally talented Christian guitarists, and let me tell you, there are some truly amazing ones out there. If you want to know what I mean you can go to YouTube for yourself and type in Christian Guitar Solos and click on Christian Power Metal Guitar Solos, that one was the best that I found. After a while of listening to some metal I got the urge to see what kind of talent the Christian rap industry has. I would say since high school I've listened to mostly Eminem as my main source of rap music, yeah, the one with the really dirty and horrible lyrics; don't judge me, I don't even listen to him anymore! Anyway, after searching for a few minutes, I came across a guy who develops his own tracks, graphics, and designs; he's extremely talented. I believe his name was Bezalel and the name of his self-owned company is True Vine Productions.

Not only does he produce beats and tracks to sell, he allows other Christians access to a few of them to download and use for free; as long as it's used to uplift and glorify God, how cool is that? The guy pours God knows how many hours into his work and then offers a great amount of it out to fellow believers at no cost. Be honest for a second, do you really think a non-believer would do something like that? Sure, then they'd tack on a huge price tag to go with it, probably somewhere in the price range of a few thousand to a few hundred thousand. The difference between the Christian music industry and the rest of the world is that Christians produce their music to uplift God and impact our spiritual lives; the rest of the world is in it only for the money and fame.

So why did I label this article Free Christian Music Online? Well if you're like me, jobless and unable to find work, you're looking for ways to save money; which includes going without some of the things you enjoy purchasing. Music may be one of those things that you feel that you can't live without, but I'm writing to tell you this, there are other alternatives. I've already mentioned one of these free methods, YouTube, which has millions of songs and videos to choose from. There are not only featured artists who have their songs posted up there for promotion and by other users, but there are also those who are seeking to get started in a music career as well. Meaning this, some people use YouTube to begin posting the music they've created for feedback and to possibly get noticed by a producer; it's a great place to find artists who you may have never heard of before, it's the main place I check.

The next free tool you can use is an application called Pandora which you can download to your Android or iPhone. The application works kind of like a radio station, you can select a type of genre or artist you would like to listen to, and it creates a custom radio station populated with similar artists. It's actually a very good application and is very accurate at selecting artists which are extremely similar to the one you originally wanted to listen to; the only downside is that there are a few advertisements that play occasionally, but that's the price for a free app, but that's not much to ask right?

I'm sure there are many other places to find Christian music online that I don't know about, but those are the two that I use from time to time.

Many of you who've been reading my blog up to this point are probably wondering why in the world I wrote an article like this after writing so many other unique ones, well, all I can say is that I got a random idea today and just ran with it. Like I said in my last post, Conversations with God, I don't always get a great idea from Him and have to rely on the brain He's blessed me with to come up with an idea for the day. Are they always great ones? Obviously not, Lol, but hey, what more can you can you ask from me; I'm doing what God asks of me, spreading the gospel and reaching out to fellow believers.

Praise is an important part of our relationship with the Lord, only He deserves praise and glory for the things that happen to us and the things we're able to do. No other person on earth is capable of the things that God can do, Christian music is simply an outlet that we can use to worship and praise our Father. So before you jump to conclusions and say that I didn't provide a good message for the day, I want you to remember that, God desires praise and I'm providing you with information on a method of finding it for free. You don't necessarily have to be the one singing to God, but just listening to uplifting music, following along, enjoying it, and head bobbing is an outlet and opportunity for praising our God.

I don't have the greatest voice in the world, but whenever I'm listening to some amazing and uplifting music which was produced by Christian artists, mainly rock, metal, and hip hop, I let loose. When nobody else is around, I'll be dancing around, singing real loud, head banging and playing the air guitar, just doing all kinds of crazy stuff; but I'm still worshiping God in the process. I'd like to thank you for dropping by and taking the time to read my "unique" article for the day; be sure to check back in often, I try to add an article Monday through Friday. If you enjoyed this post or got some use from my advice, please feel free to share it with your friends/family, there are share buttons located at the top of the page. Feel free to leave me a comment or feedback below and voting me up with a +1.

God Bless!


  1. I work at Home Depot. Yes, most of the time it sucks the life out of me, but it pays my tithe and my bills. I have looked for other work, that is why I am still there. I have decided that there are other reasons, like the handful of people that I have been able to speak to about my God. You would be shocked at the education and skill levels of some of the people there who cannot find other work. Oh well.
    Glad to have found you, but I don't see much of a follow button outside of RSS feed.

  2. Hmm, yea I suppose I should add up more methods of following sometime. I've applied out at Home Depot a few times myself and never heard back from them, but that doesn't really surprise me. I believe you about education levels and still being unable to find jobs, you hear about CEO's having to go back to places like McDonanld's all the time; which is kind of sad.

  3. To the owner of this site:
    I write, compose and notate Christian music. All my music is free to share, not for sale. Here's to let you know that you can find and use (for God's glory) original music at:
    Constance Smith

  4. Thanks for adding to our free sources of music, Constance, I hope your music does well.

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