What is Christian Faith in God?

what is christian faith
Faith, there are so many questions about it. What is faith? What is faith in God? What is Christian faith? What is the meaning of faith? What is faith according to the Bible? These five questions alone are asked over 5,000 times a month in Google, but does each question get answered effectively? Each time someone looks up a question revolving around faith, do they find an article written by someone who genuinely cares about them and where their headed; or do they find someone who seeks to lead them astray?

Those last two questions are the ones that I contemplate on a daily basis, I ask myself, are people being reached effectively; this is my goal, this is why I write, this is my calling, to lead the lost. Instead of answering these five or six questions simply, I'm going to go far beyond giving you a simple definition; I'm going to give you examples from the Bible, as well as from my own life, and end with how you can have faith as well.

So just what is this faith that we've heard about, what exactly does the Bible say about it? Faith is defined as: reliance, loyalty, or complete faith in God; also a system of religious beliefs. I'm sure that this definition may have only puzzled you a little more, so I'll break it down into my own words, which may be a little easier to comprehend. More likely than not, we've all heard of God, we know who He is, where He lives, and what He's done. If you believe that God is real, you've already taken part in faith without even realizing it; you've chosen to believe in someone whom you've never met or seen in your life, more than half the worlds population does not believe in His existence.

So what is Christian faith? Well, faith doesn't have to be labeled as Christian or non-Christian, for there is only one true God and one true faith; it needs no label. But to the question in different terms, Christian faith is the believing that God came to earth in the form of a man, who was named Jesus Christ. He lived among the people of the world performing miracles, preaching, and speaking prophecies until he was killed by the Jewish leaders; it's important to know that Christ never sinned, he was perfect. He knew and even predicted his own death was coming, he could have ran and hid, but instead he chose to die on a cross for us so that our sins would be forgiven by God the Father. Three days after the death of Jesus, he was raised by the power of God from the dead, appearing before his disciples for a time, and sent the power of the Holy Ghost to live inside of those who believed in God; that is Christianity in a nutshell.

In telling you the short story of Jesus, I've already fulfilled my promise of giving you a story of faith from the Bible. We have personally never met Jesus, we weren't there when he was crucified, we can't see that our sins are able to be healed by Christ; we must believe and have faith in him and the promise of God that it will be done. Realizing that we are sinners, that we have done wrong in our lives, is the first step to becoming a Christian. We must then have faith in Jesus, realize that he died for us, and that sacrificed his own blood so that our sins would be forgiven by God. Jesus said that if we confess with our mouths we are sinners and believe he died for our sins to be forgiven, we have been saved, we can have faith in that. If you believe that today, let me tell you, your soul has been saved by Christ; you are no longer the same person you were five seconds ago. You may rest easy knowing that you're no longer condemned to an eternity of death, but that one day you will be alive for all eternity with Jesus in Heaven.

I suppose now it's time to give you a small window into my own life and show you how faith in God has affected me. Well, almost four months ago, I was doing whatever I wanted: getting drunk (The Bible clearly states it's okay to drink in celebration, but it's a sin to become drunk), cursing, listening to all kinds of horrible music, watching pornography, committing sexual sins in my mind, and just all kinds of bad things. One specific night I came to the realization that I needed to change, things needed to happen which I knew I couldn't do on my own. After realizing these things, I began putting my faith in God, that He would help me to overcome the sins which I was committing; the ones I knew I couldn't overcome by myself, that mainly being pornography, which I've tried to kick before. Well, over the course of the next month or two, I began praying and doing my best to hold out as long as possible without viewing it. I would give in once or twice a week and pray for that God would forgive my weakness and replace it with strength to overcome. Eventually, I got to the point where I stopped viewing it at all and haven't turned back since.

Let me tell you, all things are possible if you have enough faith in God, He alone can do all things; we're only capable of doing what He allows. Faith goes beyond just wishing for something and hoping that it happens, we must believe that God will allow to happen.

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Thanks for reading, have faith, and God Bless!


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