Unemployed and Serving Others

unemployed and serving others
For the past couple of months, since September of 2011 to be exact, I've been out of work and unable to find a job. I'm sure that many of you are going through the same thing right now, perhaps you've been looking even longer than I have, yet your endeavors leave you wanting and with a feeling of disappointment. Perhaps some of you have faced a lot of financial problems due to your lack of work, maybe you didn't qualify for unemployment benefits or they have already run out; luckily this hasn't happened to me yet, but I do have my concerns at times.

However, there is a person whom I've come to know and place my trust in, someone who will provide for me when times are tough and I know He'll never leave me all alone; this person's name is God. At the beginning of this year, I realized that my life was in the crapper and that I was completely unhappy with how my life had turned out; it was time that things changed, for the better, and high time that I begin to do something meaningful. This blog is one of the byproducts of my faith in God and serving Him, which I use to reach out to others around the world, trying to lead them to Christ as well as inspire other Christians.

Lately I've been feeling like this blog just isn't enough, however, and I need to begin branching out a little further in my life. So, having a semi-close relationship with the assistant to the pastor of my church, I offered my services to help out around the church whenever assistance is needed. To my surprise, I was contacted the very next morning and asked if I would like to help move all of the stuff from their old office building over to the new church location; so of course I finished up what I was doing in a timely manner and headed out that way as quickly as possible.

When I arrived, most of the packing was already done, all I really had to do was help load some of the stuff onto the truck and then meet them back over at the new spot to unload everything again. Well, this part wasn't what took most of the day, it's easy to carry stuff off of a truck and sit it in a semi-vacant building; minus the furniture. The hard part came when it was time to begin unpacking some of the things in the boxes, arrange them where they needed to be placed, and get rid of things that were no longer needed. On top of all this, there were other miscellaneous tasks which needed to be accomplished, such as: flipping a few outlets right side up, drilling holes and setting up a wall mount for a television, and assembling a few stacked shelves.

Even though all of this took the better part of the whole day, which was ended around 7pm, I loved every minute of the time I was there. Once you've been sitting in a house day in and day out for several months, you begin to forget what it's like to get out and do things; what it's like to even work anymore, and it just felt so amazing to have a project to do. As I did all of this, I couldn't help but think about Jesus, how many things that he did in his lifetime here on earth, tasks that he wasn't required to do but did, because he wanted to do them. Jesus was the ultimate servant and the perfect Christian example of a godly life, I can only hope and aspire to reach that level of servitude; although I know I'll never really achieve it.

Did I receive any type of payment or compensation for the work that I put in, of course not, well, they did order us wings to eat for lunch; which I politely turned down, I don't really care for barbecue wings. That's not the point though, the point is that I was there to serve with a willing heart, not to receive payment for my services.

I can honestly say that after being there for only a day, getting to speak with the staff, be a part of the project, and just helping out, I really would love to work there. I don't necessarily want to be in a position of leadership, perhaps one day, but even being the secretary (Which they don't have at the moment), would be a blessing.

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God Bless!


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