Star Wars vs. Christianity

Well, it's National Star Wars Day, you know, "May the Fourth be with you" as they say; however, I say, "May the Father be with you." For what is Star Wars if not a pale imitation of Christianity? You have the light side with their Jedi, the Christians, ambassadors of peace, bearers of justice, and wisdom in all areas of life, drawing their power from the force, big 'G' God of all things. Then you have the darkside with their Sith or sinners who are unsaved, thirsting for power, hungering for wealth, wishing to destroy the Jedi, drawing their power from the force as well, the little 'g' god of this world, Satan. While the Sith want nothing more than to kill and destroy the Jedi order, Jedi simply want to save the Sith and convert them to good, meaning, that the Christians want to convert the non-believers to Christianity. How do Star Wars fans not see the connection here? For those die hard fans who are unsaved, but have praised the series their whole lives, how can they not accept God for who He is? They are actively choosing to walk the path of the darkside, the path of a sinner, remaining as an enemy to God; yet, all it takes to become a Jedi, a Saint/Christian, is to accept what Jesus Christ did for them 2014 years ago. God our Father recognized our helplessness and certain doom for the wrong doing in our lives. So, He sent His, perfect, one and only Son in the world as a human, to live as an example of goodness, then die for us, so that all our wrong would be wiped away. All it takes to receive that free gift is to believe in Jesus and accept what He selflessly did for us; and, just as He was raised from the dead to live with the Father for all eternity, so shall it be for all who follow Him. "I pray that all those who do not have a personal relationship with You Lord, that You would open their eyes, ears, mind, and heart to Your Holy Spirit, and that You would reveal Your truth to them. I pray these things in Jesus name, amen." I hope that you all have a wonderful Sunday, oh, and May the Fourth be with you!


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