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Welcome to Lead The Lost!

You've stumbled onto a site that is not only dedicated to leading the lost to a relationship with God, through Jesus Christ, but also those who have turned away from their faith; but don't feel like you can't learn anything from what is being written here even if you are following the Lord, there is always something new to learn and a different perspective to view.

Now that you know what I'm all about and what my goals are, let me tell you a little about how this site got started and why it came about. I'd just gotten home from a small vacation in Miami for New Years, when I came to the realization and understanding that the way I was living my life was getting me nowhere. I was always depressed about how my life had turned out and had no hope that things would turn around, well, I couldn't have been more wrong. God sent his Holy Spirit into my that night and showed me that I needed to make a huge change to my lifestyle, attitude, personality, thoughts, desires, and goals.

After being showed a way out of my misery, I felt that I should begin using my knowledge and understanding of the Internet and blogs to reach out to others. God has blessed me with an ability to write and capture people's attention; although I don't always do so in that form or style. It's sometimes hard to find a truly mesmerizing style of writing when you're trying to inform other's about what is being taught in the Bible; but that's a different matter altogether. I honestly felt and still feel that God has laid it on my heart to use what I have learned from a selfish ambition to make money online, and instead use my knowledge to spread his Word.

Well, what if your site never does that well and never reaches more than a couple of people's eyes? Look at it this way, "Lead The Lost" may be the only way that some people ever hear about God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit; whether it reaches a million eyes or just a few, doesn't make a difference, the gospel is being spread to those who need to hear it. Do I have a few personal ambitions for this site and hope that it may one day earn me a bit of many or even enough to live off of? Of course I do, I see nothing wrong with desiring to earn a living through ministry, pastors do it on a weekly basis; not that I'm implying I'm a preacher, but you have the basic idea.

But in all seriousness, the main goal and point of this website is: to spread the Word of God, bring others to Jesus Christ, help others to grow as a Christian, use a unique perspective and style to teach others about our faith, offer a place for a prayer request to be prayed over, as well as a friendly environment; not a tool to earn money for personal gain. The only tool that is involved with this site is myself, allowing God to communicate to others through me!

Thank you all for visiting, I hope you enjoy yourselves and that you learn something that will help you on your path to growing closer to God. I would greatly appreciate any help you would give on spreading the word about this site, which is why I've added quite a few social buttons to each page. I pray that God will one day use this site and myself to do great things for the world.

God Bless!


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