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God is Light!

god is light
Jesus Christ is the Word of life, he is eternal life, and he is God in human form. He has existed since the beginning, he was with God in Heaven, and came to earth to lead the way to God.

These are the things which were written by John, the disciple Jesus loved. As an eyewitness to the teachings and miracles performed by Jesus, he is more than qualified to tell us the truth of such things. For we were not there when Jesus was among the people, but John was, so we can and should believe all he has written to be accurate and trustworthy. Because he wants us to be in fellowship with God, and with Jesus, so that we may know true joy.

Today, which is absolutely amazing, we'll be spending time in 1 John chapter 1.

Living in the Light

God is light, there is no darkness in him, not at all. When you think about light, what else does it represent? What else can you equate it to? Good, purity, truth, and holiness right? What about darkness? Sin, evil, lies, corruption, and anything bad, correct? Kind of like in Star Wars, you have your light side with the Jedi Order, and the dark side with the Sith Lords.

For someone to say that they are in fellowship with God, while remaining in a life of sin, is a lie. Take this as an example, when the sun is up, it's bright outside, not dark; because darkness does not, and cannot, exist in the presence of light. With the same principle in mind, God is holy, and sin does not exist in his presence. So for us to be in true fellowship with God, we must change our sinful way of living.

To say that we belong to God and continuing to live for ourselves makes us hypocrites, Jesus will expose and just such lies. Basically John is saying this, we can't claim to be a Christian while still living the same sinful life; you can't love God and sin at the same time.

For those who are living in true fellowship with God however, just as Jesus did and still does, our sins will be cleansed by the sacrificial blood of Christ. Just as believers used to sacrifice pure animals in their place to pay for their sins, so too did God sacrifice his own Son to pay for ours.

When we commit our lives to Jesus and identify ourselves with him, his death becomes ours as well. He paid the ultimate price for our sins, and his blood purifies us. And just as Jesus rose from the dead, so do we, in a new life in fellowship with him.

Don't fall prey to the foolish belief that you're without sin, this is nothing but a lie created out of refusal to accept the truth. Everyone sins, the Bible tells us this in Romans 3:23, all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. It's impossible to be a Christian without seeking forgiveness from Jesus, and I feel sorry for you if you believe this, because you're doomed to all eternity in hell without salvation.

But, if you confess your sins to Christ, he is faithful and will cleanse you of all your wrongs. Even after we become Christians we will continue to sin, and will still need to confess these sins. Not because God will push us away if we don't, but to breakdown all barriers we build up between us and him.

Look at it this way, when you first become a Christian, you are at that moment in time completely sinless and have an unobstructed view of God. Each sin you commit from that point on builds up a small wall between you, making it harder and harder to communicate with him the further you become separated from him. But if you confess these sins and ask for the strength to overcome committing them, the barriers will be broken down and the closer you'll come to him.

Some people struggle with admitting their faults and wrong doings, even to someone they can't actually see with their own eyes. But God already knows what these sins are, he knows all and sees all. Regardless of what sin has been committed, he will not push you away, instead, he'll draw you closer. Look at Paul, formerly known as Saul, he used to have Christians killed for their beliefs and practices; but God changed his life, forgave him, and used him for the greater good of furthering his kingdom.

Get this, God allowed his only Son to die so that he could offer us a pardon for our sins. He wants to forgive us for the things we do, it brings us closer to him, and we should not fear repentance.

If we claim that we're without sin, we're calling God a liar and showing that his Word has no place in our heart.

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God Bless!


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